This was the previous MRI equipment in our facility, which operated from 1994 to 2007. During this time frame Vision MRI Center performed more than 5000 MRI scans. This machine was retired in the Spring of 2007.


Thank you very much for the incredible support you gave us.

H. P. Hager




In mid-1994, Vision MRI was the first to bring the Hitachi MRP 7000 Open MRI technology to the San Jose service area. The original founding member is still an operating Manager and owner, the original staff was functioning for the last 10 years and currently there is over 50% of the original staff.

The original Hitachi MRP 7000 MRI unit had been enhanced and stable but never significantly upgraded to the next generation of technology. We were able to compete with other more advanced technologies because of our reputation and commitment to service. Doctor's knew that we could get the job done.

A technical staff movement to the competition in 2003 presented the biggest challenge during the Company’s development. It was a call to change and reinvent the way in which we had operated and conducted business because we would not take a reduction in service. We met the challenge and maintained our service level.

We have had the benefit of a consistent and long-term relationship with the finest Radiologist in the Bay Area and the support staff for dictation and scan analysis reporting.

We benefited from being the only Open MRI in our service area and having the best Professional services via a known and respected Radiologist.

Now we will be able to redefine the meaning of Open MRI with the Multipositional MRI.