Our caring and knowledgeable staff is focused on patient comfort and patient satisfaction.



Thank you for your warm welcome and kindness.
We need more offices like yours. You have such a healing environment.


N. Teirggs

Twelve Years of EXCELLENT Service

Vision MRI was the first to bring open MRI to San Jose and has enjoyed 12 years of success. Now, we will make another first by bringing multipositional, upright, whole-body MRI to San Jose.

Multipositional MRI allows us to significantly improve the diagnostic capability of the referring doctor and increase the patient comfort level.

We not only meet the current standards of the competition but we exceed those service levels through cutting edge technology, superior Radiology, certified Technologists and seasoned business and administrative staff.

We have experience in handling the special needs and particular requirements of claustrophobic and obese patients. Our training, technology and environment make us the MRI specialist able to bring a patient out of anxiety and through to a perfect scan.

Central Location
The center is located at 828 S. Bascom, #110, two blocks off of 280 and directly across from the Valley Medical Center. Our office hours are 7 am to 7 pm, with some Saturday appointments available. Patients can be scheduled over the phone, fax or the internet and will be reminded of their appointment.

Transportation can be arranged and parking is available with ground level entry.

Standard operating procedure
We take a satisfaction survey on every patient which allows them to grade us on comfort and efficiency at every step of their appointment. Our standard operating procedure is to give the referring doctor a 24 hour turn around and the patient an immediate booking for appointment. The patient will be given a CD of their scan, film upon request, for their follow up appointment.

No waiting in a large hospital waiting room while waiting hours for your appointment. We respect you appointment time and we respect you and your family. I will not cost any more to come to a center that welcomes you and wants you to be satisfied.

We provide Stat reads, call on positive findings and encourage Doctor's to interact with our Radiologist.

When you need to make a referral/appointment for an MRI scan, you can have complete confidence in Vision MRI multipositional technology and service.