A Completely Open MRI in San Jose - at Vision Upright MRI 

Get a MRI scan and watch TV while you're doing it. You don't have to get in a tube and you don't have to lie down. You can stand, sit or lie down in this Completely Open Upright MRI.

It's comfortable and easy but the best part is that Doctors get a better diagnosis and can do a better treatment plan. The Upright MRI has the ability to scan patients in a position clinically relevant to the signs and symptoms and enables weight-bearing positional evaluation.

If you still have pain and your last MRI came up negative, then you need a weight-bearing and/or positional MRI. Traditional "tube" scanners are limited by the non-weight-bearing position and often do not expose the pathology that causes the pain.

Upright and positional MRI is better able to reveal and rule out potential pathology.

Why take the time to get a MRI scan in a tube when you can sit, stand or lie in a completely open MRI - watch TV and get a better diagnosis?

Vision Upright MRI--the only way to have a MRI.


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