Good Bye Maggie 

Our Beloved MRI, Maggie, has ended her 12 years of service in San Jose and will go now to India. She was the most advanced technology in her time and remained the most stable. Her field was never the highest but she put out images better than many of her bigger, more powerful brother magnets. Maggie has taught us that technology is only part of being successful in the MRI business.

We are helping the referring doctor and the office staff to take better care of the patient. Maggie told us that when you make the patient comfortable you take a better scan.

Good bye Maggie, do good things in India. Your leaving makes way for Big Al, the new MultiPositional MRI.

We were the first to bring Open MRI to San Jose service area and now we will be the first to bring MultiPositional MRI. Big Al is coming and he will allow you to stand, sit or lie down to take your MRI. We will give Big Al a little lesson from Maggie so he understands how to handle our patients.

Please join us on our journey.

Maggie loaded for shipment to India

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