Scoliosis in San Jose, Scoliosis Diagnosis and monitoring in San Jose, scoliosis in san francisco, scoliosis in San Mateo, scoliosis treatment now has radiation free testing 

We now have a scoliosis coil in San Jose that can take a full image of the entire upright spine -- within six minutes. This radiation-free evaluation can also monitor the success of scoliosis treatment. An accurate evaluation of scoliosis requires the patient to be upright. Conventional recumbent "tube" MRI cannot meet this need. This radiation-free application can be performed in the same amount of time and at the same cost as diagnosis and monitoring by x-ray. It sees not only the curvature of the vertebrae but also the soft tissue. There are saggital and axial views of the entire spine -- with no radiation. The 3-plane visualizations are achieved by 3D acquisition with curved multi-planar reconstruction. Both Cobb angles and angular rotation of the vertebrae are measured including the spinal cord, intervertebral discs, nerve roots and spinal ligaments. The National Cancer Institute reported in a 2000 study of 5,466 women that demonstrated with scoliosis experienced a 70% greater risk of developing breast cancer that resulted from their protracted exposure to diagnostic x-ray. The successful treatment of Scoliosis now has radiation free diagnosis and monitoring in San Jose.

We Are In Network with SCIPPA and PMG

PMG has more than 380 Physicians who are committed to delivering high-quality health care. There are 160 Physicians serving in the capacity of Primary Care, Family Practice, General Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics, 217 specialties covering more than 40 disciplines, incluing OB/Gyn.

At SCIPPA, there are 800 Doctors with offices from Los Altos to Gilroy. There are more than 90,000 members of most HMOs and Medicare Advantage plans managed on nine secure internet systems.

Vision Upright MRI is happy to be part of both growing networks so we can better serve our referring Doctors and bring more value and ease to the patient.

Mark Lammers
Vision Upright MRI

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A Completely Open MRI in San Jose - at Vision Upright MRI 

Get a MRI scan and watch TV while you're doing it. You don't have to get in a tube and you don't have to lie down. You can stand, sit or lie down in this Completely Open Upright MRI.

It's comfortable and easy but the best part is that Doctors get a better diagnosis and can do a better treatment plan. The Upright MRI has the ability to scan patients in a position clinically relevant to the signs and symptoms and enables weight-bearing positional evaluation.

If you still have pain and your last MRI came up negative, then you need a weight-bearing and/or positional MRI. Traditional "tube" scanners are limited by the non-weight-bearing position and often do not expose the pathology that causes the pain.

Upright and positional MRI is better able to reveal and rule out potential pathology.

Why take the time to get a MRI scan in a tube when you can sit, stand or lie in a completely open MRI - watch TV and get a better diagnosis?

Vision Upright MRI--the only way to have a MRI.

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